My first blog!

September 04, 2013  •  Leave a Comment

Hello all! This is my first blog for my website, "Jacob Howe Photography", as well as my first blog post ever, although, I have been in business for about 3 years. I'm just a little behind on the trends.

I will start my blog off with some details about myself and my business.

ME: Upon graduating from Hillsboro Comprehensive High School in Nashville, TN, I joined the US Navy. I decided that I wanted to be in the medical field, so I signed on with Hospital Corps School on my contract. After basic training, I went to Hospital Corps School and learned basic medical skills. After that, I was sent to San Diego for temporary duty while I waited for Field Medical Service School training. FMSS is the school that trains corpsmen to treat and deploy with the Marines. After FMSS, I went to another school for Surgical Technology. I learned a lot more medical stuff and how to assist surgeons in the operating room. After Surgical Tech School, I went to yet another school to specialize in Ears, Nose, and Throat Surgical Technology. Finally, upon graduating, I was stationed at Naval Medical Center Portsmouth, VA. I served there for the remainder of my 5 year enlistment and then went to the Naval Hospital at Marine Corps Camp Lejeune, NC. I only served one year there before being honorably discharged and coming home to Nashville. After taking some time to myself, I decided to pursue photography. I practiced and read, then practiced and read some more, followed by formal schooling which included practicing and reading even more. I graduated with highest honors. It was pretty easy.


MY BIZ:   I started my photography business in June of 2010. My business has mostly consisted of modeling portfolio work, but what I strive to do more of is advertising photography. I love to round a whole shoot down to one or two amazing shots that convey drama and emotion, as well as an advertising concept. Conceptual photography is my forte.

   I am not a point and shoot-er. I plan and think and plot and scout, all to create a photograph that leaves people wondering if they even REALLY knew what photography could do in the first place....a work of art, a conceptualized thought brought to reality through careful manipulation of light and post-processing. I have always been involved in art, but for some reason could only imagine "photography" as taking a picture of whatever is in front of me. That was not art as I thought of it, but more of a copying machine of the reality we experience at one particular moment. I am not sure which photo, or photographer changed my way of thinking, but eventually I came to the idea of photography as a way to CREATE what I wanted to see, what I thought about, something I visualized, a dream, anything that would incite more creativity as I created and finally observed the final image, thus creating a never ending creativity machine of my mind imagining-to-actions creating-to-what is created bringing even more ideas of creativity and so on and so forth.

Pressing the shutter button is merely a tiny fraction of what I do to create the images you see.

   In my professional dealings, I strive to provide the highest level of quality of imagery as well as a pleasant experience for all involved. If you get bored or don't laugh on one of my sets, something is definitely wrong. Creating awesome photos is only a piece of the photography business pie and one other piece is being friendly and fun. I don't care how good the photos may look, at the end of the day, if a client didn't have fun, then I failed.

Don't get me wrong, though. I'm not gonna bounce off the walls to keep things at a fun and lively pace only to give you sub-par images.

   The quality of my imagery is remarkable. I can't count the amount of people that have said that it was so SHARP, so CRISP, or "can't put my finger on it" amazing. It has a quality that you will be hard pressed to find elsewhere. I think that's enough bragging. :) If you doubt the quality I speak of, kindly request of me to prove it!

   Ads, ads, ads, are what I want to do! Magazines are number two, followed by model portfolio images for you to browse through!




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